Smokus Focus Eclipse Storage Jar – White


The Eclipse is a new magnifying illuminated acrylic glass storage jar from Smokus Focus.


The Eclipse is a new illuminated acrylic glass storage jar from Charleston-based manufacturer, Smokus

Smokus Focus have become one of our top-selling brands since they arrived on the scene a couple of
years ago and this tough plastic display jar is a very welcome addition to their popular range.

The Eclipse jar is equipped with a ring of recessed LED lights which light up your jar and its contents
for easy inspection through the 4x magnified lid and the 8x magnified lens. Every crystal and pistil
will be visible in unrivalled clarity allowing you to show off your herbs like never before.

The scratch-resistant acrylic glass construction is designed to be rugged enough to stand up to life in
the field and the lockable, airtight lid features a silicone seal to keep your precious herbs fresh and
any smells securely inside the jar.

The Eclipse is powered by a USB-C fast charging battery which lasts for 10-12 hours between charges
and also features a secure retail tether loop for shop and show displays.

  • Airtight storage display jar
  • 4x magnification window with 8x lens
  • Recessed LED lighting
  • Secure retail tether loop
  • Secure locking system
  • Scratch resistant acrylic glass
  • Free microfibre cleaning cloth
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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