Queen Bee Extractor


The Queen Bee Extractor works just like the original Honey Bee but gives you a lot more room to work with


From the creators of the original Honey Bee comes the Queen Bee that works just like the original but gives you a lot more room to work with, holding up to 100g of plant material.

Whereas the original Honey Bee was 140mm tall with a 38mm diameter, the Queen Bee is a massive 240mm tall with a 63mm diameter.

Honey Bee Extractors are used for producing the highest quality essential oils. The Extraction system uses butane gas to freeze the oils and resins off of dried plant material. The oil is then used for bathing, incense or aroma therapy.

Each Extractor comes with full Instructions and two filters to get you started.

Please Note that we cannot guaranteed the color of your Queen Bee Extractor as no two extractors are the same.

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Weight 500 g


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